For a long time now I have disappointed in the need for mainstream media to always find the worst angle to any story. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen, and we should be aware of these and lend assistance when possible.

However, when you live in a beautiful city like San Diego, where there are clever people starting funky ventures, people are giving back to all manner of good causes and people are working on cutting edge research, do I really need to be told that 5 people got pulled over for DUI? Get them off the road by all means, but does it add anything to my life apart from introducing unnecessary negativity. Perhaps reporting on the pod of whales that made its way up the coast is equally mundane, but at least the news would be filled of pretty images ocean and magnificent creatures rather than some person handcuffed over a police car with flashing lights.

I guess it is easier to follow a police scanner, takes some images and get a sound bite from the police than it is to find something positive if not thrilling to report on.

So, I have decided to start my day by writing something fun or positive every day. I’m a realist and know that the world isn’t all peace, love, joy and happiness, but that doesn’t stop me from starting my day with something uplifting everyday.


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