Enjoying a moment

We are fortunate that we don’t live too far from the west coast and my wife and I try to enjoy a beach picnic dinner as often as we can. So, it was last night, and we were greeted by one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have seen in my time in San Diego.

Now, my overexposed phone camera image doesn’t do the fiery reds and stunning cloud formations justice. Nor does it capture the glowing cloud edges that framed the sun. What it does do is capture the three surfers, spell bound by the spectacle, staring out to sea.

Why is this significant? Well, the good fortune of living in San Diego means that these surfies see a sunset in the ocean on almost a daily basis. As a result, they usually don’t stop to appreciate the moment. They are focused on the next wave, much like the rest of us who don’t bother to take in the beauty that surrounds us until it hits us in the face.

Sitting there watching the sun go down, I looked left and right and it was the first time that I have ever seen the entire beach spellbound by the sight of the sun melting into the ocean. Normally there are people intent on exercising or talking or doing stuff. Yet for a brief moment last night, not a soul stirred as everyone soaked up the magic.

The sun setting is always a beautiful moment. It reminds us of our transience and the cycle of life and the need to savour every moment we have. This more spectacular sunset, was just a sign to say that we had perhaps become complacent in our admiration for beauty in the natural world.

It was a timely reminder and our unborn daughter voiced her admiration with a firm kick to my wife’s kidneys.


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