Water makes it better

As I was doing, what one does in a waiting room, the person next to me started a conversation. Turns out he is a real water baby. He is happiest when he is in the water, OK when on or near the water and not happy when he is inland. Strangely he is from a wee town inland Texas, devoid of great water sources, but now that he has moved closer to the ocean he is unwilling  to part with this life source.

As a fellow hydrophilic person I had to agree with him, but what is it about this liquid that makes it so calming and rejuvenating? Is it the open space the water creates in a built up and crowded world? Has it got something to do with being weightless in the same fluid that makes up the majority of our body? Is it psychological trigger for the safety of the womb? (If it is the womb thing, then my mother spent a lot of time rolling and jumping around, because I am happiest when I’m being pummeled by waves.)

I’ve heard theories about aligning molecules in the body, inhaling the ozone produced by the crashing waves, psychological links to the water molecules…. and many more. Beyond the hydration benefits and the exercising in weightless environment bits, I don’t believe there is a lot of scientific evidence for the remaining theories on the healing power of water.

That just leaves a bunch of theories about why water makes most people feel so much better. I would be interested to know why, but for now the important thing is that it works… for me… and like my acquaintance in the waiting room, I would struggle to move too far from a major source of this liquid. I guess I could do mountains…if there were a river.

As an aside, if you have eczema try salt water. My wife’s eczema flared up with her pregnancy … hormone stuff I guess … and she braved he ocean the other day. Bye Bye eczema. For years she had used cortisone as prescribed and it kind of helped…. salt water, job done. I’m sure it won’t work for everyone, but is there much harm in trying? Worst case you get to go for a swim on a summers day.


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