Be happy, all good things must come to an end

I like this article by Melanie Pinola, that exposes a simple truth about humans. We can become accustomed to just about anything good or bad. Being able to block out bad things in our lives probably helps to make things bare able, but unfortunately we can also become desensitized to happiness.

I recall when I used to travel for long periods of time (months),  I would reach a point when I would be looking at something incredible and think …..whaaaa its OK. That was always the point when I would have to stop, take a break from the road and just do nothing. A week later my appetite for adventure and appreciation of the wonders I was lucky enough to see would return.

I guess it is no different to the way lose our spirit of wonder in the process of growing up. It was only last night that I walked away from the sun setting over the ocean, something I would never have done in the past. Why? There were no clouds so it would be less interesting and I was peckish… fussy bugger. Note to self take the few minutes to enjoy the sun set.

Anyway, according to an article in Psychological Science, students who were asked to think about their last 6 weeks of school as short period of time were significantly happier at the end of term, than those who were encouraged to perceive it as a long time.

I guess you get an additional boost if you think of a happy event as being short and then it just keeps on giving? I think I need to go back to rediscovering my childhood wonder.


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