Nice to be able to stick my head back over the parapet after a crazy, busy and stressful home move. It is easy to see how a mildly challenging move, a bunch of lugging, a lack of time can all culminate in a negative spiral of energy and outlook for people.

You find yourself tired and short of time, so you go to the nearest place to eat unhealthy food and so that makes you feel even more sluggish. You aren’t hydrating and looking after yourself… slide slide and suddenly it s all done and you are so shattered you can’t be bothered to do the things that would make you feel more energized and ready to tackle the challenges.

Ours was only a short lived event and I am already planning an energizing meal and a nice refreshing surf tomorrow morning, but it is easy to see how sustained events could snowball into something far bigger than it ought to be.

In some ways it ermined me of this fascinating TED talk that demonstrated how illness could lead to fatigue and a poor diet and a worsening of the condition. It is an anecdotal account of a condition (MS) that can go into spontaneous remission, but it is fascinating none the less. The moral of the story is that, especially when the chips are down, take the time to eat well and do things you enjoy!



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