Can solar pave the way?

I love people with out of the box ideas …. Solar Roadways, really? On the one side it sounds ridiculous, on the other hand if Scott and Julie Brusaw can pull it off the potential is limitless! Imagine our roads that are largely eyesores, serving us as an energy source and a way to make the roads safer and reduce the environmental impact of cars, salt and storm water.

I’m not sure how the manufacturing stacks up on the environmental side, but the idea will no doubt evolve and has the potential to be brilliant! Their Indiegogo  fundraising campaign has raised $1,652,248USD to date and exceeded their goal by a mile. It shows that people are ready to try something new and care enough about our planet that they are essentially willing to give their money away for a cause without personal gain.

The construction will be far more expensive, but there are so many people that could benefit. Power companies could replace unsightly power lines with far more efficient subterranean power cables, that could carry fiber optic cables at the same time.

Road signage could be revolutionized with LED lighting the the way at night, warning of hazards. As a cyclist who has had too many close calls with motorists on their cell phones, perhaps the panels could flash around someone that is talking or texting, so that I can steer clear of them. Ah the uses are endless.

I wish Scott and Julie all the very best with their venture! It won’t be the answer, but it could well be another step closer.


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