Climate change solved through compassion

Last night I was very fortunate to attend a talk by Charles Kennel, where he summarized his 6 hour Climate Change lecture into a 30min presentation for the uninitiated.

It finally explained why so many people may be lulled into believing “nothing is happening”. It seems that the science community knew something was going on, but just could not figure out why the temperature wasn’t going up as they thought it would. Not wanting to look silly they made up a bunch of unsubstantiated claims, that could be struck down. Skepticism is born.

Unfortunately for all of us, the world is doing it’s best to try and stop our impacts from destroying the planet. Amazingly it has more or less succeeded. There are certainly far more severe weather events, yet for many parts of the world, we go with our lives like nothing were happening.

I say unfortunately, because we are living on credit and at some point, the earth will want that credit back. The excess energy that should be warming the atmosphere is going into melting arctic ice and being buried deep in the ocean… day that capacity will run out. And then….

After the talk I spoke to Dr Kennel and he said something very curious for a scientist. To him the answer doesn’t lie with investment in technology, with some radical climate experiment. No, the first step is compassion. The debt we are accumulating may not impact us massively, but it will almost certainly impact our children and this in more vulnerable parts of the world. So, we need to care about their futures. People, businesses and governments need to start caring about the impact purchasing decisions and business decisions have on future generations. The stuff we are pumping out now will be in the atmosphere for a 1000 years and the ocean temperature change may never be resolved but let’s not become Venus as Mars looks a tad dry.

Be compassionate when you choose to buy, think about others when you are running your business, and vote with your feet to secure the future for your children.




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