Exploiting stereotypes

Generally I am not a big fan of stereotypes. We all have preconceived ideas and they can often get in the way of judging people on merit rather than past experience or worse on hearsay. However, in the case of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) they are being exploited to great effect!

Bikers are so often maligned as bad influences, violent and criminal elements, but BACA exploits that reputation to help children that have been abused. Arriving as a big presence, they send a clear message to the local community and the children, that they will protect them.  In many cases this has given the victims the confidence to speak out against their abusers and has given them a ‘family’ around which they can rebuild their lives after their ordeal.

Way to use a stereotype for good! It also demonstrates the dangers of judging a book by its cover.


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