Is permaculture the way forward?


Permaculture video (click image)

On a day when I read about irreversible climate change in the icecaps, sea level rise and no doubt massive life changes for many people, this video present a uplifting idea and possible option. After all something is not working with the current system, so it is probably time to start considering something else.

I grew up in semi-rural Switzerland and from a tiny age I loved top help my mother tend the vegetable garden that provided for our family of 5. I have memories of just how fantastic fresh produce  ripened on the plant tastes, compared to the bland stuff available in the supermarkets. Never mind that it also contained a ton more nutrients, as common farming methods have stripped the soil bare of goodness and it is only fertilizer that keeps the cycle going.

This video seems to present a utopia (or a hell depending taste) pitted against the evil big farmers, but at the end of the day we all need to eat and big farms are currently the thing that is making that mostly possible. However, what if we did swing the pendulum back the other way. In the words of Ron Finley, a self proclaimed guerrilla gardener: “Growing your own food  is like printing your own money”

It tastes better, it is far better for you and it can teach your children many lessons. If like us you don’t have the luxury of a garden, then get some planters. I planted some zucchini and tomatoes a few weeks ago and those things are going crazy! I cannot wait for the day I get to pluck my first home grown tomato off that bush. Olive oil, tomato, basil and a touch of salt…. yummy pasta here we come!

Big farming is a hard life and often not so rewarding for the farmers. Since they are being subsidized anyway, perhaps there are better ways to farm that land and as with business, diversification reduces risk. Perhaps a little profit is lost, but in the long run a different way of farming may be better for the farmers, the people and the environment? Hey I’m no expert, but we need some “crazy” people in this world, after all, look at where the “sane” ones have gotten us (I think I may be quoting someone, but can’t recall who).


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