Talent with a broom

51-year-old Seymon Bukharin, a Russian school groundskeeper needed a creative outlet whilst at work, so he created these epic snow landscapes with only a broom.

Seymon’s primary duties are to keep the grounds neat and tidy, but this year he decided to do a little free styling. According to the students, he always creates something interesting and entertaining.

All the students like him a lot,” Maria Kondrateva one of the students at the school told GBTimes. “When he creates his snow pictures, we all look out of the windows to check it out. So do the teachers. It doesn’t even matter if we have a class at that moment — we can always find a couple of minutes to admire his snow art.”

He also helps to make props for the schoolchildren’s shows and performances. Seymon even expanded his repertoire to snow sculptures. “One morning, we found a snow sculpture of a dragon by the school entrance. We’d like to join him and do snow art together, but we don’t have time enough for it because of our studies,” says Maria.

It just goes to show that regardless of what you do, there are always ways to add a little flair and joy to your work and in this case that joy has spread to the students. I’m sure that every time it snows they are excited to see what he has come up with. ….perhaps he’ll do something with leave sin the fall?

Below is a smattering of the school groundskeeper’s snow art .

Maria Kondrateva / GBTimesMaria Kondrateva / GBTimesMaria Kondrateva / GBTimesMaria Kondrateva / GBTimesMaria Kondrateva / GBTimes


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