A 6 year old shares his ideas for saving the world

I’m sure that at age 6, I had no thoughts at all about the fate of the world, so I am always fascinated by kids that not only sense a problem, but want to make changes.

According to his mother:
“My son Ryan receives National Geographic Kids every month and reads it over and over until it
literally falls apart. I want to commend you on your magazine as it has expanded his view of life. He was always precocious and interested in animals, but now there is a marked difference. Now he wants to save the world. My son asked to make a video to teach people how to change the world and save the environment.”

He shares some very common sense ideas, that everyone can apply. I’m not entirely convinced by the suggestion of wearing a bike helmet. Perhaps it will offer protection from all the low branches on the trees he wants to plant? He also sensibly suggests that children should walk to school unless they live in another city, then it would be very long to walk.

I’ll be intrigued to see what happens to Ryan as he grows up and if he maintains his stance throughout life! Good luck!


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