Can one love everything?

A good friend of mine is fond of saying: “people that love everything make me suspicious”. As a slowly reforming cynic I would have to agree with him.

I guess it is my black and white Swiss roots, but it is OK for people not to agree with me or not to like something, but I don’t understand why people need to pretend they do.

SoCal is a beautifully optimistic place. It adds another dimension to an already positive American attitude and an innate belief that anything is possible. It is wonderful, contagious and allows people to bounce right back from failure. Compare this to the Swiss that often fear to dream let alone realize their dreams. It is wonderful.

However, in this bubble of positivity exists a plasticity and falsehood. Why do people feel the need to rave and praise things that they do not like. Why lie? Praise the person’s determination, their ingenuity or their zeal, but be true to yourself. We are all different and we see things in different ways. That is OK. Accept the differences and be honest.

People will come in and out of our lives, it is a natural cycle.

“I think about all the different ways we leave people in this world. Cheerily waving good-bye to some at airports, knowing we will never see each other again. Leaving others on the side of the road hoping we will.” – Amy Tan


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